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peVehicle Service Check List


Service intervals listed are subject to manufacturer recommendations and driving conditions.

60,000 miles
    Replace Platinum spark plugs

Clean throttle body and idle bypass ports if servicable

Replace cooling system hoses as needed

Replace timing belt if required

Items listed under 30,000 mile service 30,000 miles

Electronic ignition tune-up; emmisions and computer checks, spark plugs replaced, injection system service

Automatic transmission service Cooling system service/flush, conventional antifreeze

Diesel engines–Injection timing checked, glow plugs tested and cooling system conditioner added, if applicable

Items listed under 15,000 mile service 15,000 miles

Complete under-car condition and fluid level inspection

Brake inspection: Front thickness=____/32″ or _____% Rear thickness=____/32″ or _____%

Clean and lube caliper slides

Steering inspection

Suspension inspection

Wheel alignment

Tire balance, inspect tread wear/depth: LHF=____/32″ RHF=____/32″ LHR=____/32″ RHR=____/32″

Repack wheel bearings

Conventional ignition/carburated tune-up; replace spark plugs, cap and rotor, ignition points

Replace air and fuel filters

Cooling system checked and serviced as necessary; diesel conditioner replenished, if applicable

Any of the following items as required 5,000 miles

Tire rotation; adjust tire pressures 3,000-6,000 miles

Replace oil and oil filter; lubricate chassis Yearly

Check all lights; horn operation

Check belts for wear and tension; condition of coolant hoses

Inspect and service battery and cables

Check windshield wipers

Clean out radiator and condenser fins

Pressure test cooling system and radiator cap

Test charging system, battery and starter

Service air conditioning system

Inspect for fluid leaks Once a month

Check under hood fluid levels Check belts and hoses Tire pressure and condition Drain water seperato

At 100,000 miles have axle and manual transmission fluids replaced, long or extended life coolant changed and system flushed, and the timing chain checked for wear or the timing belt replaced (if originre.